4 Common Symptoms of Transmission Problems

Your vehicle relies on various systems to run safely and efficiently, and one of the most notable components is the transmission. The transmission is responsible for carrying engine power to move the vehicle's wheels the way you want them to. The transmission also helps to regulate engine speed. Below are some common ways to tell that there's something wrong with your transmission:

Whining or Grinding Noise

These unusual sounds typically occur after you shift gears, and they almost always indicate transmission trouble. Sometimes it can suggest that you're low on transmission fluid. To be sure, please bring your vehicle to the transmission specialists at Hyland Auto Repair for an inspection.

Incapable of Staying in Gear

If your transmission can't smoothly go into gear or just remains in neutral, you should definitely have it checked out. This can be extremely dangerous in certain conditions, as you can lose complete control of your vehicle. 

Burning Smell

The transmission fluid may be put under very hot temperatures and extreme pressure; however, it is not normal for it to have a burning smell. If you ever catch a burnt smell coming from your transmission, you should have your car looked at. 

Evidence of Leaks 

Transmission fluid is almost always red, making it very easy to detect its leaks. If you find a red pool under your parked car, you can be sure that you have a transmission leak. Please do not put off going to the auto repair shop as low transmission fluid can be very detrimental to the health of your vehicle.


If you notice any of the symptoms described above, please take your car to our Tempe transmission service shop. Doing so can prevent costly repairs, further damages, a breakdown, and even an accident. For all your transmission-related needs, look no further than Hyland Auto Repair. 

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