5 Easy Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

At some point in time, every pet owner faces the hassle of cleaning up your furry friend's shedding hairs. Your fur-ball may be adorable, but the accumulation of stray hairs may be a very unpleasant sight to see every time you get in the car. 

If you allow the pet hair to collect over a long period, pet hair can cause more problems than a dirty appearance. It can cause allergies, skin rashes, asthma, and even throat infections for individuals with sensitivities. Therefore, removing pet hair from your car is sometimes not a choice but a must. If you've been looking for easy and reliable methods to get the job done, you've come to the right place!



This one is obvious, but sometimes it doesn't make sense to drag a big household vacuum. Given the space constraints of the average vehicle, a small-sized hand-held vacuum cleaner with a brush or a bristle attachment would be the best investment for your car. Portable vacuums are smaller, so you're more likely to get into every nook and cranny of your vehicle. 

Rubber Gloves

If you have a pair of kitchen rubber gloves around, it can do the job. For the most effective outcome, you should wet the gloves so that they can collect all the pet hair in a clump all at once.

A Balloon 

This one may sound odd, but it is proven based on science. If you run the balloon over the car surface, the static electricity from the balloon would cause the pet hairs on the surface to come off your interior. And you can throw it away after!

Lint Roller

If you own a pet, you probably own one of these already to get the hairs off your clothing. The good news is you can try it on your car. It is just a matter of how hard you press the sticky part onto the upholstery. Simply roll away to draw out the strands of hair.

Dryer Sheets 

This is another oddball, but it has proven to be effective in ridding pet hair. It's practical, easy, and light. You may also be left with the smell of clean laundry as a result. To use this method, wipe the affected surface with the dryer sheet.


Please remember that a few of these at-home hacks for removing pet hair aren't meant as a cure. They are simple defensive measures that a pet owner can undertake. However, the more often you clean and take care of your car, the less pet hair you'll have to deal with. You can also invest in annual or seasonal car detailing services to ensure your car is clean inside and out. 


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