5 Road Trip Games to Try This Summer

What is a summer without road trips? A family road trip can be made with lots of fun if you incorporate games along the way. If you ever get bored on a long drive, try out these games to pass the time.

Would You Rather

While it is technically not a win or lose game, Would You Rather is a great game to get conversations started. You and your passengers can strike up discussions and learn something new about one another.  This game is loved by many, old and young. 

20 Questions

20 Questions is another classic, and it can be played by people of all ages. One person in the car gets to pick something, a person, place, thing, idea, etc., and keep it to themselves, while the other people in the car have twenty questions to ask and guess.

Trivia Crack

You may have heard of this game before, as it was all the rage several years ago. To play this game, you’ll need a mobile device to get the app. It is a great way to stay preoccupied, and you can challenge your friends in PvP mode. Who doesn’t love some good trivia?

Sing-Along Challenge

If you’re looking for an interactive activity, why not try a singing game? To play, one person must sing a line from a song. The other passengers must pay attention to the last word of their song, as they must sing a different song starting with the same word.

Backseat Bingo

Unfortunately, the driver may not participate in this one. Before hitting the road, you can print out bingo cards for everyone to play. The first player to cross out a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line wins!


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