Check Engine Light - Not Just Another Pretty Neon Sign!

The check engine light usually flashes on the dashboard with an amber color—or a similar color depending on the car's model. The dashboard appears eye-catching with the colorful gauges and meter lights, but don't let the appearance of an indicator light fool you.

The check engine light is not just a neon flash but a sign that there's a problem with your engine. That's enough reason to make your stomach churn. The only disadvantage is that the motor can suffer a range of failures, and it becomes difficult to tell what the issue is when the check engine light illuminates. It might mean anything minor like a poorly fastened gas cap or a complicated problem like engine misfiring.

The engine sensors connected to the vehicle computer signals it when there is any malfunction or failure within the engine block and its related parts. The computer system then triggers the engine light to flash, sending a visual feed that you see on the dashboard. Nonetheless, the real cause of the failure is usually encrypted in the computer system in the form of a code called OBD-II. It's a series of diagnostic codes that help technicians decipher/decode the problem to know the exact cause of the failure. Below are some potential causes of check engine light illumination.

  • Loose Fuel Cap
  • Oxygen Sensor Failure
  • Mass Airflow Sensor Failure
  • Spark Plug/Ignition Coil Problems
  • Vacuum Leak
  • Catalytic Converter Overheating
  • Exhaust Recirculation Valve Failure
  • Dead/Problematic Battery

Most car owners confuse the scheduled maintenance light with the check engine light. They aren't the same. The former signals that it's due for a factory scheduled service, such as an oil change or other fluid flushes.

The check light should raise eyebrows because it signals an engine problem. Many people decide to invest in OBDII scanners to diagnose the problem themselves, but the question is: Should you do it? And are you going to perform the same quality repairs as a trained technician? That's why you need to partner with experienced and reputable auto repair and maintenance professionals. They use technologically advanced computer diagnostic equipment and can efficiently repair the problem using quality parts.

If you're looking for quality check-engine light services and auto maintenance solutions, bring your car to our garage today!

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