When Do I Need Coolant Flushes?

A coolant flush, sometimes referred to as a radiator flush, is the process of cleaning and exchange of coolant/antifreeze. That includes the fluid lines too. During the fluid exchange, a certified technician will get rid of all of the old and grimy antifreeze by removing it from your radiator and adding a new supply of clean coolant. This service will restore your car’s health and replenish the engine with temperature-stabilizing chemicals. As a result, it can prevent costly cooling system repairs down the line. And therefore, coolant flushes are a maintenance service that can save you thousands of dollars from engine overheating.


Most people contemplate whether a coolant flush is necessary, and it absolutely is. Sometimes, your mechanic will recommend this service after they inspect your car. Another way to tell when you need a coolant exchange is by looking at the owner’s manual. Your automaker will list out where your coolant flush falls on your maintenance schedule.


Last but not least, you will need a coolant flush by being on the lookout for the following warning signs:

  • Smoke/Steam Coming From the Engine: If you notice the front of your vehicle erupting with smoke, it is a sign that your engine is getting too hot. You may require a tow, repairs, and a coolant flush.
  • Temperature Gauge: The temperature gauge will rise and move towards the “H” or hot side when your engine is not receiving a sufficient amount of clean coolant.
  • Dashboard Warning Light On: The check engine light or coolant temperature light will light up when you need a coolant flush or other cooling system repair. Dashboard warning lights should be taken more seriously and properly diagnosed by a professional tech.

A big part of vehicle maintenance is frequent cooling system inspections, which involve checking your coolant fluid. In the summer, your car is more susceptible to overheating so it is important for your engine to get enough antifreeze at all times.


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