How Do I Know if I Have Air in My Brake Lines?

Your brake lines transform the brake pedal into action as you apply pressure to stop your vehicle. They serve as the communication system that tells your brakes when to stop. Yet just like any ordinary mechanism, they can have anything go wrong with them at any time.

Brake lines contain brake fluid that is vital to your ability to stop immediately. This fluid is carried from the master cylinder and goes straight into the calipers once you apply the pressure. And that's when your vehicle comes to a full stop. This action is prominent in hydraulic brake systems where fluid brakes and brake pads are used.

One of the most common problems that can happen with your brake lines is the invasion of air. Air can get into them and result in a vehicle's inability to come to a full stop. Just imagine cruising down a busy highway only to have to stop suddenly. If air were inside your brake lines, something fatal could happen. A wreck might ensue if you cannot stop right in time, so knowing the signs of air in your brake lines is critical to your safety.

There are varying signs that tell you when air might be present in your brake lines. One is when you step on the pedal only to find that your brakes are too spongy. Another is when you do the same but feel as though you're pressing down, only to discover that your brakes feel too soft. In some cases, you might feel as though your brakes aren't working on stopping your vehicle. Either way, getting the brake lines inspected for air is vital to your safety.

The most severe sign is when you gave pressed the pedal all the way to the ground, only to find that your brakes simply won't work. This can make driving your car very dangerous, and that's when it's best to park your car somewhere and call for emergency roadside assistance.

Seeing these symptoms should be enough to indicate a need to have your brake lines tested. If you feel you need brake line repair, just bring your vehicle into our shop today!

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