How Long Is a Car Battery Good For?

Your car battery is a basic yet fundamental piece of equipment that we all tend to take for granted – until it stops working! You need this essential piece to be able to start your car. Additionally, it also provides power to the electronic components throughout the vehicle (stereo, lights, power windows/doors, electric power steering, etc.). Most vehicle batteries will last an average of 4 to 6 years, depending on the quality of the battery. The longevity of the battery is also affected by the temperature it sits in, engine vibration, and any after-market items that have been attached that need access to the battery.


The most proactive strategy that you can take to your battery is to request to have it tested when your vehicle is in the auto shop for other reasons (oil change, tire replacement, maintenance, etc.). A load test is more than simply checking if the battery is charged – it sets the battery under the same conditions as if your car's starter was using the battery to start the vehicle. This type of test gives a more accurate depiction of the actual condition of your battery and whether or not you need to exchange it. Any battery that falls below 9.5 volts should be replaced soon.


If your battery is not tested routinely and not replaced when needed, you may experience issues with starting your car. While using jumper cables can temporarily remedy the case, it will no longer hold a charge once your battery has reached a depleted point. Also, other systems may be brought down by trying to keep a weak battery charged, and items like the alternator can fail as well. Let our experienced service team at Hyland Auto Repair inspect your battery to see if it needs a replacement – and escape the struggles caused by a faulty battery! Give us a call at (480) 345-2566 or visit our shop in Tempe, AZ.

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