How Often Should I Replace My Brake Pads?

When it comes to brake problems, they are easier to spot than some other vehicle parts. Between various sounds and sensations, you can spot worn brake pads early enough to avoid a dangerous situation. We recommend staying alert and being on the lookout for the following signs of bad brake pads:

  • Screeching or grinding: Brake pads and many other brake parts are made of metal. They wear thin over time, and they have wear indicators that create an ear-piercing sound to warn you to have your brakes serviced. Don’t wait too long after these cues because it can damage other brake components and lead to more expensive repairs.
  • Shaky Steering Wheel and/or Brake Pedal: As just mentioned, worn brake pads can spread damage. More often, thin brake pads can rub against the brake rotor and send a series of vibrations to the pedal and steering wheel. It is pretty discomforting to sit through, so please pay attention to your brakes when they need you! 
  • Brake Warning Light Comes On: Most cars have at least one brake indicator to keep you in the loop when there is a problem. This is possible through a series of sensors in the hydraulic brake system. When your car’s computer notices you’re low on brake fluid or have worn brake pads, it will flash this message to you.

How Often Should I Replace Brake Pads?

Brake pads can last anywhere between 10,000 - 20,000 miles depending on your driving habits and the quality and type of brake pads your vehicle requires. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it is wise that you have your brake pads checked. Furthermore, it would be helpful for you to have your tech look at your brakes every time you bring your car in for an oil change. This can give you a better feel of how much "life" is left on the brake pads. 

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