How to Tailgate Safely

It is officially fall or autumn, which means it is time to travel to enjoy viewing sporting events. For many Americans, tailgating has been a long-time tradition that brings close friends and families together before a game starts. So whether you're at your favorite football team's game or BBQ-ing elsewhere, remember to follow these safe tailgating tips.


First things first, there are tips you should follow before you even hit the road for the game. If you’re bringing raw meats and poultry, be sure to keep them separated. And the cooler should be cool enough to store them at a safe temperature. Next, you’ll want to be extra careful of your surroundings. Once you approach the stadium or arena, there will be large crowds scattered everywhere. This includes pedestrians. Please drive slowly and practice defensive driving. 


Once you arrive, be mindful of other people and the things you unpack. We recommend that you bring a portable charger for all your electronics. This includes your phone, speakers, or any other tech that you might use during the tailgate.


Nothing beats a tailgate with good food and drinks. If you’re the type to get straight to cooking, please be careful with grilling. You should space out the grill away from any motor vehicles, as it can be a major fire hazard. Plus, keep children away from the grill. While you’re cooking or eating, you might pop open a cold one. While there’s no shame in indulging in some alcohol, please make sure you have a designated driver to take you and the rest of your crew home.


Of course, remember to pack and clean the tailgating space once the game is over. Do not leave behind unnecessary trash. We want to emphasize that you should pick up any bottles or cans. We do not advise bringing any glass cans as they can shatter and be a hazard for your car.


We hope you have safe travels this tailgating season and everyone enjoys their time. Before heading on your next road adventure, we welcome you to bring your car to the professional team at Hyland Auto Repair.

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