Watch Out for Your Car's Water Pump!

It can get H-O-T in Tempe, AZ, during the summer months, which enables your car's engine to overheat faster if it is not cooled correctly. Your car's engine must have an adequate amount of coolant supplied consistently to maintain a stable temperature. That's where the water pump comes in - it is an engine component that supports the coolant flow. When it's not functioning precisely, your engine will overheat and suffer from irreversible damage. Here are the top three symptoms of a failing water pump to look out for in your vehicle:


Coolant Leaks

When you notice some puddles sitting front and center of your car, it may indicate that your water pump is at risk. When the seal and gaskets come off, the flow of the coolant will become disrupted, and the coolant will leak.


Whining Sounds

A loose water pump belt, or pulley, makes whining sounds when it ages. A whining noise coming from the engine area signifies that the water pump has developed some problems. The sound will usually erupt when the car is moving. The sound can also be heard when the bearings operating the water pump wear out.


The Radiator Produces Steam

When you drive on the road, and you notice steam coming out from the hood of your car, that is an indication that your engine is compromised. If the water pump is working correctly, you won't see any steam emitting from the vehicle as you drive. Steam is a telling sign of an overheated engine.

So if you notice steam coming from the car, pull over and call for roadside assistance immediately. Please do NOT drive a vehicle when the engine is overheating as it is unsafe. 


Water Pump Repair in Tempe, AZ

At Hyland Auto Repair, our expert team can help uncover and solve your water pump problems. If you feel like your engine is at risk of overheating, we invite you to take your car to our repair shop today! 

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