What Fluids Need to Be Changed In My Car?

Every vehicle requires maintenance and upkeep in order to function correctly and reliably, with the ability to get you and your fellow passengers to all your desired destinations. One important aspect of proper maintenance is the timely flush and exchange of all the necessary fluids that keep your vehicle's engine and transmission components functioning in top condition.

These are the most important fluids within your vehicle that need to be replaced periodically:

Brake fluid is both a lubricant and used to aid in the movement of the brake pedal to engage the brake pads at the wheels. It is essential to have your braking system work properly. For best practices, make sure the brake fluid never goes below the minimum amount required, and that the fluid gets flushed and refilled with new fluid according to manufacturers' recommendations.

Power steering fluid is also very important to your vehicle's proper functioning, as it allows you to turn your steering wheel with ease. Without it, it would take a great feat of strength to turn your wheels while driving, which is highly dangerous. Some owner manuals do not prescribe how often power steering fluid needs to be flushed and changed, so our recommendation is to keep it above the minimum level and go off of the manufacturer's recommendations for when it must be replaced. If you are unsure, our auto mechanic can give you further information on this.

Transmission fluid is essential for cooling and lubricating the moving parts in the transmission, as well as helping to facilitate shifting gears. Because of its essential job, you want the transmission fluid to be clean and free of any dirt or small objects. Most manufacturers recommend having the transmission fluid replaced every 30-60 thousand miles. This will definitively increase the longevity of your transmission!

Another extremely important fluid to replace is the engine oil. As usual, for best results, replace the oil according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Keeping up with replacing these essential fluids will allow your car to reliably serve you for a longer period of time.

If you need fluid services performed, don't hesitate to give our auto repair shop a call today!

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