What is an Oil Pan Gasket?

Have you been wondering what an Oil pan gasket is? You've been meaning to get it but have no idea what is. This is article is just what you've been looking for to educate you fully on what you need to know.

What is an Oil Pan Gasket?

An oil pan gasket is an item that clamps and secures your oil pan. It collaborates with your oil pan to guarantee that the majority of motor oil is contained in your engine, keeping each part oiled and operating flawlessly.

Oil Pan Gasket Leak Symptoms

Watch out for these signs so as to easily detect a leaking oil pan gasket;

Smoking Vehicle

One of the most apparent indications that may crop up whenever the oil pan gasket is eroded away is smoke from the engine. The smoke normally occurs when oil drips onto the exhaust pipes or manifold. Failure to pay enough attention to this issue may result in other difficulties, such as damage to your gas sensor and other automobile components as a result of being drenched in oil for an extended period of time.

Oil Spots

Oil spots under your car are not typical and might be an indication that the leaky oil pan gasket has completed its expected lifespan and is deteriorating. Your oil pan gasket is exposed to the heat generated by your vehicle's engine and highways. Since it is a rubber-type substance, high temperatures will dry it up over time, and ultimately, cause it to leak.

Overheating Engine

Engine oil is a key element responsible for keeping the engine operating at a specific temperature. The motor oil, in conjunction with the radiator fluid, lowers extra heat and pressure in the engine. Whenever your engine oil falls much below the usual level owing to an oil leak, the motor will overheat. If not attended to promptly, an overheated engine can cause devastating damage to other engine parts.

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