Why Is My Car Battery Not Working?

Batteries can die or drain for a number of reasons. And they are absolutely necessary to start our engines to run our cars. There’s nothing worse than returning to your car to find that you can’t start it because of a battery problem. Read on to learn more about why your battery may be putting out enough voltage or any voltage at all.

Why Is My Car Battery Not Working?

Below are some of the most common reasons why your car battery is causing your starting problems:

  1. The car battery is old (3-5+ years) and can no longer hold a proper charge.
  2. The car battery is completely drained. It can be due to an accident such as leaving too many electronics plugged in your car or forgetting to shut a door or turning the headlights off. In other cases, it can be drained due to a faulty alternator.
  3. If you’ve only used your vehicle for short runs, your battery has not had enough time to charge. 

How to Prevent the Issues Mentioned Above

  • Avoid too short of car rides
  • Drive at least 15 minutes at a time
  • Unplug electronics
  • Alternate vehicles within the household 
  • Frequently test your battery
  • Use a trickle charger or battery reconditioner

If you need your car battery inspected and tested, please do not hesitate to visit the local vehicle experts at Hyland Auto Repair. We can give you all the information you need and when to anticipate your next battery replacement.

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